First " HYDROXY ", now a useless cure for Covid !

Aug 20, 2002
Silly Bears.... you still somehow believe that the Government is actually there to help you...

The only one I stake everything dear to me in is a much higher being than any elected official past or present.

Yeah, I know, the thought of any form of higher being than you is hard for your bigoted arse to accept. You'll find out soon enough who was right on that...

And... the fact still remains.... everyone in the leftist media debunked what might have actually been a reasonable therapeutic, and because of that, there are countless people who either died or experienced far longer-than-needed hospital stays by being denied the opportunity to even try HCQ.

Whether it was simply because Trump championed it, or because FDA, CDC, and Big Pharma were out to protect more expensive drugs like Remdesivir or their equally profitable vaccines, we'll probably never know. But yeah, the drug that was intended for one thing turned out to be good at something else. Sort of like Aspirin preventing heart attacks when it's intended for headaches....

" The only one I stake everything dear to me is a much higher being "

Can or Will you EXPOUND on that more specifically, because in TEX ASSS they do things much different than in Normal parts of the Country, Y'ALL.


Oct 29, 2002

Go fix your " E R E C T I O N " FRAUD !

Have you considered PECKER Shots ??
Have you considered shock treatments?