Flyer complains about DL meal service


Corn Field
Nov 11, 2003
Seems and looks like a local catering issue and not a reflection on
our overall intl Y class meal service. We receive many rave reviews on our THREE
Choices that we offer our Y/C passengers, Hope they fix it fast.
Baba, this was a flight out of JFK, not some outstation.

Given how few veggie meals the kitchens crank out on a daily basis, you'd think the quality would be a little higher vs. something being mass produced. Especially in what some have deemed DL's most important local market.
wow even more rare,  as I have never seen a veg main entree like the one in the  picture.
and I repeat, local catering issue.  No where did I say "some outstation".
On rare occasions catering substitutes items.  It really does look like an exception rather than the norm from what I have
experienced.  And as I stated, I hope they fix this fast.
Now the overall pre-arrival breakfast is something they can certainly improve on.
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Just a local issue?

Isnt JFK DL's largest service to Europe?