For the record...Trump might not be reinstated in August. But funny how dems are pushing it


Dec 30, 2007
upstate ny
August is when the Az audit results will come out. Already I hear talk of terrorism by Trump supporters unless Trump gets reinstated. FALSE. You migjt have a democrat, Antifa, BLM wear Trump gear to ignite a False Fla g. It will happen in a Demo crat run sh*7hole to blame Trump supporters.

Logic dictates that AZ is the first domino. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan must also give results. Ev en NY is questioning elections.

So I'm guessing that since this is a Constitutional Crisis, you study hard what Pres Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln did to learn why treaso n is punishable by wel you know.

The show is getting good and enjoy your illegitimate POTATO's plan to destroy The USA.

See ya