" G O D...Bless..Y'all " ! !


Things to be Learned here.
( for example; )

Education vs LACK of EDUCATION !!


Text book Example of why T-Rump is @ '1600 (For NOW) !!

2018 version of WHY the US Government Prevailed in the 'unpleasant' events in 1861 !!

" STUPID IS, as STUPID DOES " !! - Forest Gump.

Dem favored rating +15 several months ago.....Now + 3

Run for your lives....a blue wave tsunami is coming!!

It’s not too early for you to entertain us with your bad predictions again,can you tell us perhaps is “Ol Hill” going to run again and if so is she going to go to the Russians again for false information?
He might be trying to get the message across that if that school was not a gun free zone, the outcome could possibly have been different.
I'm 'TRYING' to get the message across, that THIS 'good ol' boy' is a Absolute ' F ' M O R O N !
I DID...N O T mention Tex Asss. I DID NOT mention " R's " or " D's ". I DID NOT mention 2018 midterms. I DID NOT mention 2020.
BUT, Brother. If what I DID post was accurate,and what the other by-stander stated,.. Well as the ol' saying goes,.." IF THE SHOE FITS ",.. " W E A R.....I T " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bears aren't we forgetting something here?....... It takes a "good guy" with a gun, to take out the "bad guy" with a gun!
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Dell, I believe that 15 point favorite was inflated to begin with......... More leftest wishful thinking than anything. Now reality is starting to set in, watch them start to panic!

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