G O P " CLOWN CAR" starting to begin to fill-up !

Aug 20, 2002
Yup folks the Republic-con CLOWN CAR is starting to take shape.
With the ORANGE TURD at the wheel, DeSantis ridin' shot gun, Nikki Haley, along with (are you Shite-in me), Pompeo in the back seat, and Ted Cruz (Missle), in the TRUNK !!

This would be SAD, if it weren't so GD FUNNY !!

The COCAINE bros are saying that T-Rump isn't getting a freakin' DIME in 24' !

Maybe George SOROS can float the arse-hole a loan at 50% interest.
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And all you have is "the buffoon who couldn't shoot down a balloon"....
I'll take him over the political "ladies of the evening". I am hoping that Biden does not run. Not because I don't like him, but he is too old. So is Trump, but I don't worry about him - he won't be the GOP nominee, which would be the thing that would help Biden if he runs...I still believe that Trump will go harder after the GOP nominee than he would Biden, and I do believe he will urge his devoted followers to right in his name. And I believe that they will do it since it is obvious after 2 years that his followers are more into the man than they are the country or the party.
Yup 'KC', those MAGA-otts are a strange....Jim Jones/Guyana/Bunch.
Boys down at the Circle G are planning a full smorgasbord roast of the Invisible President for a takeout special.

It's really sad that the only thing bears and KFC can come back with after 2 years is "But Trump..."
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