Gordon Bethune's Comments From Germany - HP BANKRUPTCY CLAIM TO HAPPEN


Aug 19, 2002
I think he needs to spend more time working on CAL, that lambasting every one else!
But hey, what ever floats his boat and if he has to continuosly point out how bad every one else is, to feed his own ego, so be it!

Pride stands to fall!
It was reported today in a German newspaper and on radio that Gorodn Bethune predicts UA and HP will each file bankruptcy by the end of the year.
CA Howlett (HP Spokesman) was quoted saying that HP will be cash negative in the upcoming months.
What do you think?
While I get the impression from previous comments that you might like to see AWA fail, Bethune is completely off target. And AWA spokesman have said as much today.
I agree about Bethune. Divorces stay bitter for quite a while. How many CAL employees are still on furlough vs. the number of employees at AWA? Bethune forgot to mention that part among others. America West has been recovering a little better than most of the other airlines. I don’t know if Doug is still projecting a positive cash flow for next year though.