IAG moves into profit


Oct 29, 2003
The group made a pre-tax profit of 155m euros ($207m; £123m), compared with a 177m-euro loss a year ago.
In the first half of 2014, BA made a profit of 327m euros.
Iberia, which has been loss-making for a number of years, made an operating loss of 95m euros. 
Iberia narrowed its operating losses from 551m euros the year before.
Group passenger numbers increased to 35 million from 29 million in the first half of 2013.
makes you wonder if BA hasn't wished they just stuck to themselves, esp. with UK wishes to leave the EU.

suppose the EU and US will form an economic partnership?

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The Spanish economy is still in very rough shape.
There are exceptions, but in general Europe isn't doing well economically.
It looks like IB will not make profits unless the Spanish economy is booming again.
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Operating profits at IAG rose to €900m (£708m) in the three months to 30 September, up from €690m a year ago.
Operating profits at British Airways rose to €607m from €477m a year earlier. Profits at Iberia - which has been undergoing a big restructuring - rose to €162m from €74m last year.
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IAG reported pre-tax profits of €828m (£601m) for the year to 31 December.
IAG's operating profits nearly doubled to just more than €1bn. It also raised its 2015 forecast by 20%.
BA reported an operating profit of €1.2bn, up from €762m a year earlier.
IB reported an operating profit of €50m, compared with an operating loss of €166m last year.
Vueling reported a slight rise in annual operating profits to €141m. It increased capacity by 24% and added new bases in Brussels and Rome.
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The company posted an operating profit of €25m (£18m; $27.8m) for the January-to-March period, compared with a loss of €150m a year earlier.
IAG says that - at current fuel prices and exchange rates - it expects to report operating profits "in excess" of €2.2bn this year.