Is AA the only non stop service to GIG?

Yes. CO and UA still fly to GIG, but both via GRU. UA does plan on resuming MIA-GIG non-stops in the future, however, definitley by the time thier new MIA terminal opens (on schedule for late 2005).
Yes, service to Brazil has really dwindled remarkably over the last couple of years. Out of MIA, UA, Varig, and TAM have all axed nonstops to GIG, not to mention MAO and other cities, leaving AA with the only nonstop. JFK, which once had nonstops to Rio on AA, RG, and UA, has lost nonstop service entirely, as Varig''s on-again, off-again flight is currently off again (although I wouldn''t be surprised to see it start up again for the southern summer/Carnaval season). Out of EWR, CO used to have separate nonstops from EWR to both GRU and GIG, but now the only EWR flight terminates in GRU. Fortunately, it is timed to connect with the IAH-originating flight, which does continue on to fact, I''ll be doing that next week. I''ve never been down there...any suggestions?
Thanks, Mike! I was a little worried that it might not be beach weather, but I''ll keep my fingers crossed. In any event, I''ll also be in Salvador for a few days, so that should be warm. I''ll look into the rain forest hike--that sounds great.
Beach by day, clubbing by night, churascria-ing 24/7. It is winter so the weather doesn''t always cooperate. See corcavado Mt. and the giant Christ statue. See sugarloaf Mt and the cable cars. Most hotels offer packages tours and offers like hang gliding. Often over looked is the near by rain forest of Tijuca, do a guided hiking tour around there.
Also be sure to go to the Churascaria "Mariu's" on the north end of Copacabana beach. Actualy its Leme beach Fabulous food with great service!!! Also check out the Pizzaria "Mia Pataca". on Ave Atlantida. Always something going on there. Good cheap hotel on Copacabana is "Hotel Debret" I think we were paying around $35.00 a night with breakfast buffet. No pool though.

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