Jet Blue to give up some Long Beach slots

Article says may hurt Southwest more than others. Delta may grab at newly available slots just to keep Southwest from getting them.

(Full Disclosure: I read the article. Slot math makes my head hurt. I tried twice to understand the gist of the article. I was a flight attendant. I was paid to be cute, not smart.)

Just a guess here Jim, but, could Delta be using this new problem with JetBlue's slots as a leverage or a tool, if you will, to help their case and fight over at LF (Dallas). Just thinking out loud here, but Delta may try and block to the point where SWA would have to pull back 4 slots to allow Delta in and then they might work it to Delta's advantage to swing a "deal" with SWA to let them stay and/or expand at LF with the long standing gate fight there. This could all be a strategic move if done right...
I got the impression from the article that Delta was not making a strategic move at Long Beach, just being tacky by blocking Southwest from using the available slots. There is a provision in LB's slot use regulations that any airline can use available slots on a temporary basis without committing to permanent use requirements. Again, using the article's implications, Southwest didn't want to commit to permanent use requlations any more than Delta did.