JetBlue Airways Reports April Traffic

I think the results are pretty darn good considering how bad the first quarter has been for the overall industry. Load factor % is still holding very strong and up over last year, despite the large increase in capacity. While the Easter/Passover holiday is helpful for these results, it also looks like Song will need a lot more time before they can make any appreciable dent in jetBlue's numbers.
Also another good sign is the relative % strength in RPMs over ASM growth YTD (& for April), which indicates that yield is starting to firm up and improve again.

All I can say is that you can love 'em or hate 'em, but one thing's for sure they are executing their operations very well. These guys are no fluke and certainly not a flash in the pan as some claim. You can't blame "free maintenance" and "low-paid" employees for these results.

Congratulations jetBlue crewmembers & management.