Jetblue's Profit Falls


Aug 20, 2002

JetBlue's Q2 Profit Falls on Fuel Costs
Thursday July 21, 10:27 am ET
JetBlue's Second-Quarter Profit Falls 43 Percent Due to High Fuel Costs

NEW YORK (AP) -- JetBlue Airways Corp. said Thursday its second-quarter profit plunged 43 percent, hurt by soaring fuel costs that offset an upswing in passenger traffic and operating revenue.
After the news, shares of JetBlue fell $1.24, or 5.4 percent, to $21.56 in early trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market.
My statement offered no editorial comment, simply what the profit was and that it neither exceeded nor fell short of what Wall Street predicted would happen. No big deal really.
Actually I was listening and people were impressed by the control of costs (too bad no one can control fuel). Also sounds like the engine deal is a good one. Transcon fares doing better too, enough to make some difference. $65 oil is a tough wall to climb for anyone though. Boston doing well. Lots of interest in the 190's.