Layman starts an airline. The big project


Dec 23, 2015

Have you ever thought about starting an airline? Since childhood, I have dreamed of owning and managing a huge airline, which connects countries and continents. Once I got up and decided that it will be crime if I don`t carry my reverie out (so far on paper). After that morning I started my project, which, doubtless, will be transformed into life. I`m absolutely sure, that one day you will take your seat in the airplane belonging to my airline.
I`ll be happy to get interesting comments and offers. 
In the foreseeable future I have a plan to make special programm that counts the real price of the flights.
The 7th part of my research consists of analysys of Spirit Airlines annual report. After reading you will know everything about Spirit Airlines, e.g. we will find out why do Spirit operates Airbus family. In addition, there`re interesting facts about average airlines`s salaries and wages.
To be honesst, this part is quite boring, but it`s necessary. The next part (in a few days) will be “Test Flight”, where I will explore different routes and compare the prices. You can offer me desirable routes.

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