Leftist Facist Go Crazy in Sacramento

Kev3188 said:
Free speech is sometimes ugly
Yes it is. I might disagree and detest nazi's, skinheads, etc but I still believe they have the American right to free speech.
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townpete said:
Why do you lefties resort to violence?
Its not ugly, its violence. Big difference.
If anyone watched the video people would see who the real live open fascist are...and it wasn't the neo nazi's. The woman who coordinated this attack is an open fascist that is a teacher in the California school system. To openly say "we are the peaceful protesters protecting ourselves" is a joke. Her idea of "protecting ourselves" is to get a mob of like minded individuals and beat up on people's who "might" do violence in the future. All because she doesn't like their opinion or beliefs. To top it off she is pissed at the cops for protecting them. This is some really brown shirt stuff coming from the radical left these days and people are starting to open their eyes to it. People and family I've know my whole life that were hard core democrats are tired of seeing and hearing about this stuff coming from the left. Which is why when the topic came up on who everyone was voting for most said Trump...which shocked the crap out of me.

PS..D'oh. saw I misspelled fascist in the header. I blame late night posting..lol
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OgieJFK said:
I haven't seen a post yet on the clash that went down in Sacramento yesterday. Kinda surprised no one has brought it up yet. After reading the article and watching the video's I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a comment. I'm curious where some of the people fall on this issue and what happened.http://www.breitbart.com/california/2016/06/27/sacramento-bamn-violent-leftist-behind-bloody-sunday-words/
Like the way the "BAM" ....whatever the hell that is, movement leader stated than one of their goals is to organize a ""Militant" movement!

Ahhh, the peaceful protest of Militant BAM protesters......just remember, what comes around, goes around...Bammers!
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Group dedicated to denying Constitutional rights to other Americans?
The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) is building the new civil rights movement.
Right out of the Alinsky playbook. She puts her hate into the minds of 7th and 8th grade school students for a living.
This is the radical leftist fringe of the democrat party in full bloom.....Marxists.
See a woman clubbed in this video - http://www.weaselzippers.us/279936-caught-on-video-yvette-felarca-violent-leftist-and-middle-school-teacher-attacking-people-in-sacramento/
Should have become a second amendment rally demonstrating the right to self defense.
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Justice for assholes?
Update to this story. Clueless Yvette Felarca, national organizer for BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), fails to see she is the fascist she claims to fight. She’s admitting here to organizing a riot and assaults. Who gets to decide who is a fascist who must be ‘shut down’, if we don’t follow the rule of law? Why isn’t she under arrest?
By the way, what does Yvette Felarca, the women who led the group to beat people up for speech she didn’t like, do for a living? She’s a teacher at North Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. The school received an influx of calls to fire Felarca. A threat was allegedly made against the school, supposedly saying if she was not fired, someone would hurt the children.
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