Let the games begin-The RNC & DNC move to protect the Banksters and Crony Capitalists


Nov 30, 2009
Well it's kind of funny that some of this is breaking on Ron Paul's Birthday. The RNC and DNC establishment have taken first steps in an effort to crush Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump respectively. Just like the Republicans did to Dr Paul in 2012.

"​RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has since directly requested all Republican candidates to pledge that they will not make a third-party run, according to ABC News. Those who do not pledge might not get an invite to future Republican candidate debates, and would likely be restricted from accessing party data on Republican voters"
Not to be outdone in the desire to ensure that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee,
"Both the RNC and DNC are taking a firmer hand with the debate process by penalizing candidates who participate in non-sanctioned debates by not allowing them in sanctioned events. Candidates may attend forums in which they don't directly engage with one another"  from huff po

Not sure Ben Swann is someone I would want to rely on for news but what ever floats your boat.
Ron Paul did not need anyones help to torpedo his campaign.  Neither does Rand Paul by the looks of it.  As for Trump, if I were a moderate republican I'd be scared as hell of him.  Having him on the ticket virtually guarantees a DNC win for the WH.
Misses the point entirely and focuses on Ron Paul and his son.
Watch the video and see what Bernie and Trump will face
delldude said:
What did you expect.
Well in all honesty I thought they would be a little more subtle about it. The ham handed approach shows a certain level of fear even desparation from both parties. The Oligarchy is in trouble and the thank you notes go to strange group of people
Bernie Sanders
Ron Paul
Donald Trump
Ralph Nader
Gary Johnson
Along with others I forgot.
The DNC under Wasserman-Schultz is moving in a way to exclude ANY competitors to the coronation of Queen Hillary. As long as you think in terms of Democrats and Republicans that's what you'll get. More of the same crony capitalism, a bigger Oligarchy and smaller paycheck. The 2 party oligarchy is like the US Postal Service in the 1970's. They didn't much give a crap until UPS and FedEx challenged them.
SparrowHawk said:
 The RNC and DNC establishment have taken first steps in an effort to crush Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump respectively. 
Who do you think finances all of Donald Trumps business ventures?  Banks!  Which he means he is rather intimate with the banks.
In the end if anyone is going to torpedo the Trump campaign it will be Trump himself.  At the rate he's going he'll eventually insult enough people to make being elected very difficult.  
Or maybe people people will actually start listening to what he's saying.  His talk about deporting 11 million people is unrealistic.  What he's saying about Iraq is just down right scary.  When he says he's going to send the troops into Iraq to seize the oil fields, how much money we could make and the how we could use some of the money to help veterans should give people pause.  It's as if he views war as just another business venture.
I can only assume that your non response to the actual point means that your only goal is to attack Donald Trump. He is not my guy and he isn't the guy of the Republican establishment. My choices are narrowed to Ben Carson, Rand Paul & Gary Johnson. I have little use philosophically for either Trump or Sanders.
I just find it interesting that the DNC & RNC have already been mobilized to protect the oligarchy or ruling class for those of you uncomfortable with big words. We haven't had a caucus or primary yet and they are up to their eyeballs in shenanigan already. What I di like about Donald Trump is you can't buy someone with more money than you. Not in politics at least. YES, he's a loose cannon, but if he crushes Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and the rest of the crony capitalist field I say Run Donald Run. Just don't win.
Does anyone really think Trump gives a sh!t what the DNC or RNC does? He's running his own campaign, using his "OWN" money and I, for one, am glad he's out there stirring the pot, for both sides!
And personally, I believe most Republicans, see the press for who they really are, news makers, not news reporters!
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SparrowHawk said:
I can only assume that your non response to the actual point means that your only goal is to attack Donald Trump.
What exactly was your point?  To talk about your god Ron Paul.  Yes we get, you love Ron Paul.  So get a room.
That Republican OR Democrat, the Oligarchy of rich and powerful protect their own by stifling dissent or intrusion by more or less picking the Party winner and then giving the voters an illusion of actual choice.
We currently have Barack Sachs or is it Barack Goldman? Hillary? I haven't looked but her list of owners is likely quite long. As are those of most of the candidates.
Why despite massive popular support do you think the Fed has yet to be audited? Simple the Oligarchy (Some say Bilderberg Group) just can not allow it. If the public ever found out the central bank shenighans both here and abroad there would be riots and worse. To the point where US Troops would be ordered to fire on the citizens.
They are going to crush Sanders like a grape if they can and the same goes for Trump. The blueprint of how to do it was created to stop Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater earlier.
The wild card is the electorate. If we go out and vote our conscience they can't rig every ballot box and in this regard Trump and Sanders might be able to break the chains of the Oligarchy. Those 2 guys get much more traction with the voters this thing is going to get ugly. I wouldn't be surprised if one was shot or shot at.
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WHOA,........not so fast .
Sparrow, if Biden gets in the race,.........with Elizabeth Warren as his VP (announced in advance), all can say is.. "Fasten your seat belts"  !!!  I'm thinking that with the exception of the ' Pauls '....E W is somewhat your kind of politician.
Biden is just another Banker owned dupe. Elizabeth Warren can't even decide her racial makeup.
She's not going anyplace but the Senate for a while.

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