LLOVE (mid ''70''s entertainment complex at DAL Love Field)


Aug 19, 2002
Does anyone else remember the big entertainment complex that operated out of part of the main terminal at Dallas Love Field in the mid 1970''s?

I wrote to the City of Dallas Aviation Department and asked about it''s dates of operation and received a reply today.

The Love Field ice rink was built as a part of the Llove Entertainment Center project. Llove was a corporation founded by Mr. Goyer to convert the Love Field terminal into a commercial recreation establishment. This conversion came after the commercial airline traffic moved to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, leaving the existing airport terminal vacant. The Llove Entertainment Center consisted of a roller skating rink, dancing area, snack bar, exercise area and ice rink.


April 1973 - Initial discussions and proposal for Amusement Center.

April 1974- Council approves Amusement Center proposal of C.W. Goyer, Jr.

March 1975 - Woodlawn Corp. installs Ice Rink.

April 1975 - Walnut Construction Co. - alterations to the Love Field Terminal for Llove project.

May 1975 - Terminal alterations begin.

November 1975 - Llove opens.

May 10, 1978 - Llove closed by City Council.

Even though LLoveopened the same month I got my drivers license and closed two weeks before I graduated from high school, I don''t actually recall ever going there. Does anyone else have any memories of this facility?

From George Cearley''s book, "A Pictorial History of Airline Service at Dallas Love Field" (1989), p. 172:
"In 1975 the Llove Entertainment Center opened in the main lobby, east ticket wing, and upstairs lobby (mezzanine, lounge, and indoor observation balcony). The entire floor of the main lobby was converted into an ice rink. The present Southwest ticket counter area and former Dobbs House Restaurant was used as a multi-cinema."
I remember visiting LLOVE in '76 or '77, when I was about 10 years old. Somehow I pestered my mom to take me, probably after reading about it in the Times Herald. We would have visited on a Saturday or Sunday. I didn't ice skate, so we may have gone to a movie. I do remember how strange it was to be walking around in the former airport terminal.

I assume that Southwest was operating then out of a different part of the terminal.

We would also picnic at Bachman Lake, adjacent to Love Field, and watch the planes take off.
yes i do remember it well, i was 18 years old. some one told me about it. i went out to the old airport. llove entertainment center was one of the best times i ever had in dallas. i was a reguler there, i went every friday night saturday and sunday. i never had a better time in my life. iceskating, roller skating, games, movies, dancing at the rainbow room on the second floor. and the grill, good hamburgers and fries. a regular group of young men and women hung out there they were the best bunch of young people (kids) i ever hung out w/. They use to call me the big E. i dressed in platforms, bellbottoms, a gangster hat, white w/ a black band on it. i wish it were all back again, but it never will. life is sad. when your younger days leave you, like when a beautiful flower dies for good. i still live in the area, on rockdale dr. off of march lane. every once in a blue moon i'll drive threw the old airport!
This is about 10-15 years too late but I worked at the Love Field Entertainment Center. I guess if anyone is still on this forum who was asking about it, I can probably answer some questions.