Major Big time VTO in Res today,unfortunately that will probably mean more furloughs======


Oct 24, 2002
[P][STRONG]====or an entire office closing soon..This is pretty sad to be so slow for a MONDAY, considering all the sales going on and sched changes still out there.Have to wonder if all the bad publicity and the use it or lose it hysteria peeving off passenegrs is making the difference alongside the slow season in general. Holiday bookings are nearly non existent from what i have seen except for mileage redemptions, or attempts thereof.That''s a real money maker, right??[/STRONG][/P]


Aug 20, 2002
CS-pro, you raise many good points.

1. People are limiting their holiday travel due to the economy. When they do decide to travel by air, they know the signs of desperation when they see them. Ma and Pa Kettle want to be sure that the airline will still be around in two months. If the company leaked information as to how much cash was on hand and the burn rate, it might allay some fears.

2. The revamping of flight schedules reduces transcons and keeps smaller markets. The company appears to hunkering down. But in doing so, this accentuates the number of flights under 250 miles. Current market research indicates that people are avoiding these short flights for cost/time reasons.

3. As US has pulled out of many non-hub,non-stop markets other carriers including the Big 6 have stepped in. The virtual abandonment of Florida has redirected passengers to other airlines for their non-Florida travel too.

4. FF's are still upset at comments made by a certain VP in August. How about an apology or a RIF of the person that your best customers hold personally responsible for corporate ineptitude? We've all had our US status comped by the competition.

5. 56 days. If you make a charge to a credit card and you do not receive the item or service (i.e. Chapter 7), you can dispute the charge in writing within that time thereby reducing your financial risk. (Thank you Clark Howard)

Me? Seven tix for the next 10 weeks. US Airways still has the best employees.


Aug 19, 2002
No need to worry at this time for us RES people...if you take a look at your pay sheets from the previous years from the time frame of just after Labor Day to about 1 week prior to Turkey day, I myself was working 60 hrs on average during that time frame for the past 5 years due to it is historically slow in RES during this time frame. Since the salary and beni cuts I will not be doing this again. The company made more money from me with my excessive VTO habits but all good things come to an end. I will not be taken 20 hours of VTO again at any point. Now during the next schedule change IF more flights are eliminated then we will once again see more layoffs for the CWA workforce.


Aug 23, 2002
On 10/29/2002 9:43:35 AM ITRADE wrote:

Its the fall/winter travel period - what do you all expect? Especially after US filed chap. 11.
I think ITRADE has a good point. Who's gonna book U with all the bad news going on? Furloughs, cutbacks, etc. are a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I were boobking a trip ver the holidays, the last place I would do it would be a compny on the brink of collapse.