management ratios

Tim Thorpe

Aug 20, 2002
While all of the union employees posting on this board beat the tar out of each other. Let me ask a new question. What is a normal ratio of management to worker at a large corporation? I was on skynet looking through the peoplenet/reports pages. According to the active employees headcount as of 10-18-02 the maint ops division is right at 6:1 worker to management. Does this seem high to anyone else? The company as a whole is at about 9:1. I am counting salaried employees in the worker column.

It's absolutely rediculous, they're tripping over themselves, are always in the way and interfere with those of us that have a job to get done. In Maintenance it's a real problem.
You sure your not talking about American Airlines? Boy this sounds too familiar. And to think they all want to reduce costs. Let this be a lesson to any AMT's that think pay cuts is the answer to saving your airline.