Mini Terminals at LAX


Nov 15, 2002
Recently flew into LAX and noticed toward the western part of the airport (beyond the International Terminal) what look to be mini-terminals complete with jetways. I looked at the LAX website and found no reference to them. What are they used for? How does one access them? Thanks.
The remote stands are used for international flights that have long layover periods, or when the 10-12 Bradley terminal gates are occupied. Passengers are bused to the stands from the TBIA. From what I can tell, each stand has up to 4 jetways, all of which are capable of widebody aircraft.
Welcome to the board Guy44134.[BR][BR]PHLLAX is spot on about the remote areas. In the early/mid afternoon you'll see a lot of JAL, Qantas, Air New Zealand, and other 747s and other widebodies parked there. They're remote stands when the international gates are all hogged up.[BR][BR]Folks are bussed from the gates in large shuttle trains to the remote stands where they board.[BR][BR]I used to have this happen when I was flying JAL to KIX periodically.