Oct 29, 2002
[EM]what a somber.....never seen so many uptight people.. CAN FATHOM WHAT IT WAS LIKE IN TPA....yes i''ve been down that road....our base is looking at 1990 to hold PIT............[BR]they''ve eliminated jobs by knee jerk reaction all across our base and now already are reconcidering the ramifications to operations....many abolished are screwed a plan by management....wheres their head at?[BR] they blind sided TPA and CLT.....we''re down to 1990 seniority and expect to go to the basement shortly....tell me IAM didn''t know and i''ll kiss your arse... [BR] you guys coming north,did TPA get abolished before CLOSING of hvy maint?what i want to know is did they screw you out of the real estate thing?heard CLT engines got wacked on paper before they announced engine shop was going ti PIT. HEARING THEY DON''T GO WITH THE SHOP...IS THIS TRUE?[BR] good news is ....i''ll have get back you on that....[BR]LEROY-OUT[BR][BR]even though we are distressed,give thanks to your creator this day..... [BR] [/EM]


Sep 9, 2002
I hired on with PSA in San Diego and before they shut the hanger down there the one thing I did notice is the amount of supplies central stores was shipping out as opposed to what was being received. That may be an indicator as to what U plans on doing in Pitt.

About the AMFA comment.

Heres a hypothetical situation. Suppose it was AMFA that was representing us rather than the IAM, would AMFA do any better negotiating a contract with a company that's in bankruptcy? If so how? What is it AMFA knows that no other Union knows?

2) How would AMFA stop the closing of TPA? Better yet how would any union dictate to a company which facility remains open and which one closes? Truth is whether it AMFA or the IAM all they can do is allow the company to run their business as they see fit and should that company break the contract its only then can said union step in and take the appropriate action.


Aug 19, 2002
Folks, Let me go on record as being no fan or supporter of the IAM first of all!!

I was Shang-Hi'd into this abortion of a union...and have lost everything that I had going for me prior to my departments acreetion into the union. With that goes some thoughts about seeking represented changes.

The big push for AMFA..Is too little too late!! We have a binding agreement between Us the "Mechanic and Related" the IAM and the company for the next 6 and a half years.

The company can come to us and ask for more..anytime the mood strikes, this is a clear and present given.

The Company can take "Draconian Measures" against the membership whenever..or wherever it sees fit. The actions in TPA on Tuesday morning makes that fact crystal clear.

We are on the losing end of this deal...and all the signed AMFA Cards between heaven and hell are not going to change anything EVER!!

The AMFA push is nothing more than a outcry of anger and shear frustration...and I completely understand,support and sympathize with the feelings behind it. I only wish it had a snowballs chance in hell of off-setting the wheels that are already in motion.

The AMFA push...should have taken place way prior to the events of September 11th of hindsight , it should have been handled before the last acceptance of the "Parity Plus 1%" contract taking effect.

Well , I guess none of us are half the "Visionaries" that we would love to profess ourselves to be...and here is where we are. The question is..For How Long?..and at what levels of compensation?