NATA Optimistic About Flight Training Amendment


Sep 3, 2002
NATA president James K. Coyne expressed cautious optimism that an amendment that was recently passed by the Senate would foster further cooperation between the flight training industry and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). Nelson sponsored the legislation that will expand existing background checks to virtually any foreign pilot seeking training by a U.S. flight school.
Although it passed, Senators John McCain (R-AZ), the Committee''s Chairman and Senator George Allen (R-VA), a panel member, both requested that Senator Nelson continue to work with the flight training industry to address their concerns with his amendment. Senator Nelson acquiesced to this request.
We appreciate Senators McCain and Allen publicly asking that Senator Nelson continue to work with industry on his amendment, Coyne stated. We hope that Senator Nelson will make good on his pledge per the request of panel members.

We have tried to meet with the Senator for some time but have only been able to work with his office at the staff level, added Coyne. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with the Senator, in person, on this volatile piece of legislation.