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Multi Time

Sep 22, 2003
If anyone is looking to build multi time in the New Jersey Area please PM..I will give you the best possible rate and will beat any other rates in the area. I am also a Angle Flight East pilot, which is a good way to build time and help people out. The aircraft is a BE-D95A...PM for more details and please include your location and how much time your looking to at [email protected].
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i'm looking at split costs of about 79-84 and hour..if anyone is interested. The plane is stormscope equiped and full IFR..
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Please email [email protected].
Prices are ONLY DRY RATES. I do not sell fuel. I do 50-100 hour blocks.
Please email for the best price. Plane is a beech travel air with Garmin 430 dual ILS's...stormscope. Fuel burn is around 14-18. I average 15. I also have a list of airports with very cheap fuel from 1.95-2.65. 2.65 is at home base, which we will only pump a max of 15 gal. I usually stop at a close by airport thats sells fuel for 2.29. Hope that helps.