New State Funding for Northern!!!


Aug 20, 2002
Reports on the websites of three Syracuse TV stations indicate New York State has come up with $1 million in funding for startup Northern Airlines. The funding will go toward the construction of a new hangar at SYR, where Northern will be based.
Obviously time will tell, but this untrained observer has always thought the Northern folks were going about things with considerable more credibility than the crowd from Utica, what was their name, Oneida or Legacy?
Northern hopes to receive certification in early 2003 and commence service from SYR to BOS, NYC and CHI. I''m not certain which airports in NYC or CHI they hope to serve, but it seems to me they had their eyes on LGA and MDW. At last report they were hoping to use the B-717.
They had these aspirations even before the DestiNY plans came about, having first targeted the 65,000 college students in the Central NY area.
I wish them well.
Well... I would have to think that there has never been a worse time to start an airline, regardless of who your cash comes from or what your business plan is. But, I think this business plan is going to be tough to impossible to implement and I think the taxpayers of New York State would agree that the state has better things to spend money on... Especially since NY has one of the highest state tax burdens in the US. If I were still a taxpayer there, I would be miffed.

Just my opinion.