New Uniforms

Dea Certe

Aug 20, 2002
Since all airline employees are going through the TSA searches and metal detectors multiple times a day, do you think there''s any enterprising young designers out there that might redesign our uniforms so there''s not so much metal on them?

I''ve got tons of buttons on my jackets, that God-awful sack dress, metal wings, service pins and union pins. Metal belt buckles and zippers. Frankly, I''m tired of doing a strip down at the security points without a blue light.

Any decent ideas? (Keep in mind many of us current employees are in the older group now)
Most uniforms already look bad enough as it is. If you get rid of what is left of the aviation side of the uniform we will end up with a Wal-Mart vest.

My won''t that look snappy!!
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Gee, I don't want to scare people! :ph34r: I just want to get through security without feeling the need for a blue light and music.

I believe a sharp, tidy uniform is possible without quite so much metal.