Nippon Airways R2D2

La Li Lu Le Lo

May 29, 2010


Glenn Quagmire said:
Is this a bad dream? Teletubbies meets star wars from someone who vowed they were gone.
NewHampshire Black Bears said:
" G O N E ",.................................He's GONE in more ways that he EVER thought IMAGINABLE  !!!!!!!!!!!!
I posted this because I thought some might find it interesting. Especially those anticipating the new Star Wars movies.
This was supposed to be a fun post, not a spring board for you to start your petty crap.
Grow up. 
Curious as to whom is paying whom on this paint job. I'm going to guess Disney is paying ANA.
I think it would have been better to have various scenes with R2D2 on the side instead of trying to make the plane look like R2D2.
jimntx said:
Regardless of who's footing the bill, that is one of the ugliest paint jobs I have ever seen on an airplane.  I trust it will be painted over at the first opportunity.
You've evidently never seen DHL yellow/red puke bomb.
My eyes bleed when I see it. On the other hand it probably cuts down on their chances of a mid air. ;)