Note to management - E timetables


Aug 20, 2002
One area that we have lag behind the competition is in the ability to download e versions of our timetable. Either in PDF, palm, or pocketpc format.
The compatition offersa a simple download of these timetables that is then updated upon the next hotsync. Northwest even takes it one step further and has a wireless version that can deliver real time gate/aircraft/status/airport information for that given flight.
With the advent of smart phones and the evolution other communication devices such as PDA''s it would make sense for our company to provide this capability for our customers to use. Saavy frequent fliers and high yeild business travellers are a primary focus group that will appreciate this kind of utility.
At a mininum we should utilize the same offerings as our new code share partner United. A combined timetable would not be that difficult or costly to develop.
Think of this as a cost saving measure, as fewer numbers of timetables would have to be printed to cover the needs of customers and employees.
Just a thought


Aug 19, 2002
I'm glad that they've graduated to the point of having the .pdf timetable. Much better than nothing and much cheaper than US printing out 10,000,000 of em.[BR][BR]OTOH, WTF is with the December/January timetable. Jesus. Trying to decypher if your flight operates on a particular set of days requires the services of an actuary.