O M G, Buyers Remorse ALREADY ??

Just a heads up, most protesters are being bussed in thanks to Soros. I like how they thought Trump would destroy the country while they're doing a good job. Peaceful, yeah some are peaceful, but the main mantra is the white man is responsible.

Now, lets see what a great President Trump will make. He may be lightening up on the Muslim band, but we will get tougher on those imposed on us such as the refugees. You probably haven't heard, but they have caught a few ISIS fighters in the mix. Did you hear in Europe the lady who thought she sponsored a 12 year old boy who was a 22 year old ISIS fighter? So we might lighten up but we are going to run background checks.

Obamacare-not totally being eliminated. It is going to be tweeked and made more affordable. Ben Carson has taken on that task.

The Wall-guess what? We can build it and Mexico will pay for it. How? Well when President Trump said Mexico will pay for it, you, I and the world thought the Mexican government. The fact is that we have billions of confiscated money from the Mexican cartels. We have enough to not only to build a wall around our southern border but if California does secede we can build a wall so the looneys can't escape!

In France a politician who said she would deport refugees is soaring in the polls...but you can't really trust polls! The world is changing and you have a lot of powerful people that are p*ssed!

I think President Trump will make this country great again, but I still feel the guy in the WH is ready to pull something.