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Hmmm. US NAVY during Vietnam era. Perhaps you've got the onset of Alzheimers !! 650,000 deaths WAS difficult to 'take', BUT not when you figure what the CSA wanted that war for. (Spare me the 'States rights Bull Sheet ' ) 'IF' a Civil War-2 CLEANSED the USA of the INFESTATION, the result of RECONSTRUCTION, then I'm all for it ! Poor ol' uncle 'ABE Lincoln, didn't have his thinking cap on that day, by coming up with that PROVEN failed policy ! So again I say; BRING it ON !!!!!

Sigh, so you bravely enlisted to both duck the draft and knowingly get a likely billet chipping paint off the hull of the USS Rustyfk safely away from combat and yet can somehow speak of "650,000 deaths" and even bray about "BRING it ON !!!!!"? Grow up. My honest guess is that you would cringe, cower and hide at so much as the sound of an unexpected firecracker. "Perhaps you've got the onset of Alzheimers !!"...? Hardly, but even were such so I'd much prefer it to the full blown dementia you exhibit by hoping for civil war. Perhaps most amusing (and very telling) about your infantile fantasies is that they of course imagined/projected you being essentially safe within a blockading naval force instead of on any actual battlefield of the civil war/war of northern aggression. Just perhaps you would speak of brutally violent deaths with more reasonable restraint had you ever been even potentially subject to such yourself. "'IF' a Civil War-2 CLEANSED the USA of the INFESTATION.."? I must admit that's a happy fantasy, but even obliterating you worthless "liberals"/communists would involve incredibly violent bloodshed on a scale your tiny mind couldn't even imagine, and I NEVER want to see happen in America. If such ever becomes necessary then so be it, but I fervently pray it never will. War is the ugliest thing we humans have ever found to do with our extremely limited time....Period. We've already the lifespans of at best exhalted fruit flies, and yet throughout history one of most favorite pastimes has been killing each other in ever-increasingly unimaginable numbers....Go figure. "What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel,.." ;) Having "sensitively" said all that last; DO at least try to sanely realize that many millions of people that you would wish "CLEANSED" could/would instead hunt your sorry sorts for sport should they ever need to. We all know why you communist /"liberals" hate the Second Amendment, but good luck with that. See listings under "From my cold, dead hands" from many millions of American citizens. The true and long term idealogical enemies of the United States must laugh themselves to sleep at night over how well they've divided this Nation. Heck, just look at how well and easily they've "educated"/programmed "Useful Idiots" like yourself over time...and you're supposedly old enough to know better...and yet you remain a mindless child actually hoping for suicidal slaughter within the USA.

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I nowadays think a proper clause should be inserted clearly regarding even the slightest need to defend essentially communist/utterly worthless "liberals" intent on destroying the Republic/our Constitution/et al...but rather properly hunt them for sport instead...sans any tag/bag limits of course.

Where did this compassionate cuddly guy go?
BWHAHAHAHA. Enjoy the show. Trump is about to play his TRUMP card. Prepare for the MOAB! November 11 2018...We will be reunited!
Stormy Daniels. Since when do we believe a whore who works in the sex industry? Allison Mack is naming names and most are connected to the CLINTONS!