Omni Air Int''l hiring for BWI


Mar 26, 2003
Omni Air International
Baltimore MD

Do you like to travel? Do you have customer service experience? Are you at least 21? Do you have a US Passport? Are you at least 5''4''''? Can lift 50 lbs? Is your height/ weight proportionated? Can you work holidays, weekends & rotating shifts? Are you well groomed & professional? Can you speak fluent English? Are you a team player? Can you relocate? Can you pass a 10 yr bkgrd/crim/DMV/ drug?
If you can answer YES to all of these questions Omni Air International is looking for YOU for our Baltmore, MD base.

Please fax resumes to 918-831-3099 or mail to Attn: Shari, PO Box 582527, Tulsa, OK 74158.

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Tim Kirkwood, Author
The Flight Attendant Job Finder & Career Guide
I went to an Omni Air one on one interview in PHL and just a note for furloughed flight attendants. Omni Air does not provide any travel benefits. Probationary period is also one year, and you may be gone up to 20 days. If you are successful, you''ll be hired on the spot, otherwise they''ll call you a couple days later and tell you that "we filled our classess", and you can reapply after six months.
pekrogmann said:
Does anyone know what Omni Air's pay is?
They will not tell you until you show up at the open house interview. Look in the fourm "Aviation Jobs" for all the airlines hiring. Some of them will tell you their pay.
There pay sucks! :p They start of at $17.90 something and the perdium is only 1.20. Look on and they have a listing of the pay scale compared to ATA. Look under airline jobs and when it shows the list of jobs, scroll down until you see there name off to the left of the screen. Check it out. It is not worth it. I went to the interview in Baltimore in Sept. They were not prepared for anything. Didnt know what to tell us beside when they started and how. We had to ask question to get more information on the schedule for flight attendants, insurance, and ect. They also explained that when you are working, there would be times that when you are across sea's, you may be there for several days,not flying, before you come home. Which means, you will be receiving a rack of perdium. oooooooooooh! :down:
I was not empressed. I know a few flight attendants that did take the job and they are not happy. The monthly min. is 1200.00. I dont think so.
Just to clear a few things up. There are limited travel benefits on Omni. Traveling on chartered flights with the DOD or the military is not accepted. One may travel on revenue chartered flights with Omni. As for per diem, it's 1.50 domestic and 2.00 international. The majority of BWI based flight attendants are working under the military charter contract, so the majority of the flights are international. The pay is not great, but if one wishes to fly more then the garantee, there is no cap on the amount of hours one can fly (faa limited). I do not work for Omni, just wanted to state the facts
Since we are sticking to facts, let me take a look at my paper work received from Omni. You are correct on the perdium but a seven year flight attendant hourly rate will only be 23.35, monthly 1,518.01 and Annual 18,216.13. Do you want to be that flight attendant? Do you want to become a target working for DOD running a risk of being kidnapped in another country? I rather work for Southwest. 12month probation period. Then, what ever city you are based out of, you have to have a physical address with in that same city. That means no commuting. You will have to be in base even when you already know when and where your trip is leaving and going. Most airports are not even within the city limits so how are they going to enforce that rule.

The only thing I am saying is, I understand this is a charter and not a schedule airline but this is the most horrible charter I have ever interviewed with. They need to improve their interview process. And Omni, I heard how you conducted yourself in Pit. I know you can do better then that. And dont think because you are giving training at US Airways old training school that you are running the world because you are only renting for a class of 25-50 people.