Over time fight


Jul 15, 2003
Don''t like to cut and past but thought this article was note worthy ...WHAT IS GOING ON MUST BE A REPUBLICAN THING..........................

Overtime Fight Far from Over Despite House Vote
July 15, 2003

By a narrow margin, the U.S. House on Thursday voted down a spending bill amendment that would have barred the Bush administration from making changes in labor regulations
that would take away any workers'' right to overtime protection.

Rep. David Obey (D-Wis.) proposed the amendment, attaching it to the 2004 spending bill for labor, education and health. The White House threatened to veto the $138 billion spending package if the amendment on overtime were included.

Labor leaders expressed disappointment over the 213-210 vote, but said the fight is far from over. A bipartisan bill, H.R. 2665, was introduced this week with the same goal as Obey''s amendment. Although three Democrats voted against the Obey amendment-Cal Dooley of California and Texans Charlie Stenholm and Ralph Hall-14 labor-friendly Republicans voted for it.

We will continue to fight this battle in Congress and in the media to make sure that American workers truly understand that their right to a 40-hour workweek is in serious peril, CWA President Morton Bahr said. If this administration were to get away with this despicable scheme, there would be no end to their continuing assault on the rights workers have fought and died for over the last century.

Millions of American workers are at risk of losing their right to overtime pay under the proposed changes to the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act, which was created specifically to protect workers, not corporate interests. Even people who rarely or never work overtime now because their employers don''t want to pay for it would likely find themselves forced to work longer hours for no extra pay.