Yeah, and Y2K was going to destroy the world as we know it, too....

Peak oil will happen, but Saudi Arabia was already supposed to have run out of oil. Yet, they keep pumping away...

The peak-oil consipiracy keeps getting debunked every five years or so when new oil fields are discovered, or when previous data is proven to have underestimated the actual potential for a given oil field. Peak oil nutjobs also assume (incorrectly) that all of the extractable oil on the planet has already been discovered. Since the technology used both to discover and extract oil keeps getting better and better, I don't think it's practical to assume that by any means.

I do think we need to be investing more in nuclear, solar, and wind power within the US, but we won't see an oil-free society within my grandchildren's lifetime, let alone by 2030.
We have been in the middle east for decades,this does not mean the oil is running out anytime soon.
New power sources need to be developed regardless.

In any case I definitely am suspect of anyone that appears on a board pushing a certain view at a certain time.
Troll I say.
Management that is.
Contract time you know.
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Norton, good try..., but no Cigar. You need to pay closer attention to the link(s) provided. , which also by the way mentions the US Govt. (GAO) report on Peak Oil..., or just do a search. Or drop me a e-mail and I will send you (two) reports (.pdf) , This article mentions the world's second largest Oil Field (Cantarell in Mexico) It is declining rapidly, with serious consequences for the U.S. and the Mexican Economy. , Here is all the countries that have peaked in production, and dates when they will peak.

Needless to say, Oil is going to get real expensive, and their is NO ALTERNATIVE FOR JET FUEL, THAT IS VIABLE....

Next time you head to fill up your car, be aware that the price of Oil/Gas has tripled in three years, and you will see Oil at $125-150/brl by 2010..., It is over for our industry, and our airline careers. That is why the AA executives are cashing in their stock/options, and will be getting out........
Ah, who gives a SH1T !!! <_<

I'm gonna move to(become a) Canadian citizen sooner rather than later. :up:

There is MEGA TONS of oil(sands) in Alberta, to last, Looooong after I'm "pushin' up Daisy's" :lol: