RJ F/A's

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Aug 24, 2002
I know that regionals only have 1 F/A per aircraft. I have heard the same thing for regionals using RJs. I have also heard that select RJ flights can have 2 F/A''s. Which flights qualify for more F/As?
I would assume that flights like PHX-DSM (AWA CRJ) would have 2 F/A''s b/c it is such a long flight.
Any Info? THanks
Lengh of flight is actually inversely relevant, as one F/A can perform more service on a longer flight. As stated above the law requires one F/A per 50 pax, so all of the 50 seat and smaller RJ's are normally flown with one, while the CRJ700, BAe-146, ERJ170 and other larger RJ's require 2.

Most ERJ145's are equipped with a second F/A jumpseat behind the last row of seats which opens between the last row of seats, but this is generally only used by a deadheading or jumpseating F/A on a full flight. If this seat is occupied it must be stowed in flight and the rider move to the front Jumpseat, as the rear seat blocks lav access. The only time i recall us actually using 2 F/A's was on a charter flight when we served full meals. When doing F/A IOE instruction we don't use the second seat but instead block seat 1A for the instructor, as she needs to be able to communicate directly with the student..
I should have mentioned above that the one FA per 50 seats applies to aircraft with 20 or more seats only. That's why there are so many 19 seat commuter airlplanes out there.

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