Salesman of the Year Award


May 17, 2008
Obama Named Gun Salesman of the Year
Barack Obama's election has definitely stimulated one segment of the economy:
Outdoor Wire Names Obama "Gun Salesman of the Year"

“Manufacturers are months behind on orders for semi-automatic pistols, AR-style rifles, and anything with so-called ‘high-capacity magazines’,†Shepherd says, “buyers we’ve surveyed across the country seem to have a single explanation for their rush to purchase firearms – Obama.â€

“The buying panic is not limited to people you might be described as aficionados or even ‘gun nuts’. Recently, I was in a gun store when a gentleman came and said he’d never wanted to own a gun before, but wanted to get one while he still could.â€

“My first priority will be to reinstate the assault weapons ban as soon as I take office. Within 90 days, we will go back after kitchen table dealers, and work to end the gun show and internet sales loopholes. In the first year, I intend to work with Congress on a national no carry law, one gun a month purchase limits, and bans on all semi-automatic guns.â€
—Barack Obama, VPC Fund Raiser, 2007
I was behind a lady in the store who said she saw Bigfoot.

So a bunch of paranoid people are going out to buy guns. Big whoop.