script error messages?


Aug 19, 2002
Did you guys change something on these boards?
The reason I ask is that for the past two days I''ve gotten frequent (and annoying) script error boxes popping up at various intervals, which I never experienced on here before.
Just wondering...
The script error boxes have been popping up now and again the past week or so..Not sure why...Perhaps a small adjustment can be made to get rid of these? Also should note that going through some of the threads I'm noticing that some picture sigs, smilies, and quotes are being brought up as script rather than the picture (or quote)...
Am no longer being attacked by the annoying script error messages. Thanks for whatever you did!
Thank you for letting us know. I think I cleared all of the script errors. As for the sig boxes... since we updated the forums this week, the forums no longer use "IdealBB" code. Thus, any existing IdealBB code within posts or sigs will display that way. You can update your signature to use html if you wish.