Send United Your Letter of Support!!


In the thread You Can Help United, there are instructions for emailing United at [email protected] to get a sample letter of support you can return to them which they will forward to appropriate government agencies.
Please take a moment to help United in their time of need. I did, and here''s the response I got back from them:

Dear Mr. Marky,

Thank you for your offer to support United''s application for a
loan guarantee with the Air Transportation Stabilization Board
(ATSB). Your willingness to directly voice your support is
much appreciated.

We have developed a simple process for you to use:

· Included below is a sample letter for your review. We
ask that you click reply, then add your name and address
to the bottom of the sample letter. We would also welcome
any customization that you feel would be helpful to the
application, such as how long you have been a United
customer or why you personally want to help.
· When completed, please hit send and your individual
letter will be forwarded back to United. We request that
you return your emails to us no later than November 22 ,
2002. For your convenience, we will compile all customer
letters and transmit them directly to the ATSB on your

Our 83,000 employees are dedicated to deliver the highest
service levels possible for our customers, and to achieve the
financial goals that we have set for ourselves. You can be
sure that we will service your travel needs for many years to
come. Your confidence in us is truly appreciated. And thanks
in advance for returning this email to us before November 22,


Diane Soucy Bergan
Director-Customer Relations
United Airlines


Sample Letter:

Dear Sirs:

As a frequent customer of United Airlines, I strongly urge you
to approve United Airlines'' application for a federal loan
guarantee as soon as possible.

United Airlines has filed an updated business plan with the Air
Transportation Stabilization Board (ATSB) that includes
significant cost reductions and other improvements that will
help return United Airlines to profitability. In what appears
to be a remarkable achievement to anyone who has followed
events at United in the recent past, unprecedented cooperation
between management and a coalition of labor groups at United
made this new plan possible.

United Airlines was extremely affected by the September 11,
2001 terrorist attacks. Being a frequent traveler, I do not
want to see the experience of flying altered any further than
it already has been. By approving United''s application, you can
make sure that the terrorist attacks do not also result in
fewer choices for the flying public. The ATSB must do the job
it was assigned by Congress and approve United''s federal loan
guarantee application.

This is incredibly important to frequent travelers like me.
United is my airline of choice and I want to see it thrive for
years to come. Thank you for your consideration.


Your Name
Your Address

This letter will be sent to:

The Honorable George W. Bush

The Honorable Peter R. Fischer
Under Secretary for Domestic Finance
U.S. Department of Treasury

The Honorable Edward M. Gramlich
Board of Governors
Federal Reserve Board

The Honorable Kirk van Tine
General Counsel
U.S. Department of Transportation

The Honorable David M. Walker
Controller General of the United States
General Accounting Office
Take a minute to help. The job you save may be your own, or a good friend''s.