Sheriff David Clarke "Black Lies Matter"


Sep 30, 2003
“Young black men are going to have to realize that authority figures have to be respected. You cannot point a gun at a police officer and expect nothing to happen. You cannot, you will not, you shall not point a firearm at a law enforcement officer.”
Will Sheriff Clarke now be targeted by the "Blacks Lies Matter" thugs trying to stir up the voters for declining Demoncrats and soon to be prisoner Clinton supporters?
No mention or protests or looting for the young black girl shot on her mothers bed doing homework by "Black Lies Matter" thugs. Her short life doesn't matter I guess.  
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David Clarke is my kind of law enforcement officer. I've heard him speak a number of times, and he probably gets more Republican votes than the Republican candidates for Sheriff do.

Yeah, Bears, just try to call him an Uncle Tom if it makes you feel superior.
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What about the black men who did not point a gun or any weapon but were still gunned down?  What about respect from the cops to the people they are dealing with?
Not all cops are bad.  Hell, most cops are not bad.  And, surprise surprise, not all suspects are bad either.  I have been stopped by good cops and a few bad ones.  
Respect is a two way street.
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What about them? Once you remove the obvious "Black men pointing guns" demographic things get interesting.
Insane drug laws go a very long way in targeting various groups. Enforcement of those laws is yet another issue. Want to END drug crime? Legalize/decriminalize ala Portugal. The Volstead act and repeal proved that Prohibition did/does not work. Couple this with uneven/increased enforcement in minority communities and you have a prescription for violence.
Then you have the abuse of power issues that seem not to be racially divided. You see it all the time if you are on-line and it seems like it's not based on race. It appears to be power tripping cops out to show the community who's boss. Then there is the problem with local departments that exist solely to generate revenue for their jurisdiction.
Further you have what amounts to a culture of a Gun and a badge grant me extra rights. This manifests itself from cops who illegally park, walk in a convenience store and pour coffee for free, all the way up to shooting people in the back and lying about it. All while giving each other high 5's.
This has to change and quickly as if a large enough percentage of the population don't trust police and as a result refuse to answer questions, participate as a witness in court, anarchy or worse will rule.
The good news is that this behavior in nowhere near a majority of Law enforcement.
Blacks Lies Matter gets a kick in the nads by a strong black woman. Truth hurts for the black thugs that play the race card.
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