' SLAM-DUNK '... or...' GAME-SET-MATCH '... take your pick !

I rather enjoyed this line more the rest was liberal tripe
Like the Clintons, the Bushes drag the country through national traumas that spring from their convoluted family dynamic and then disingenuously wonder why we concern ourselves with their family dynamic.
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The baggage people, Jeb Bush and Hillary Crinton.
Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are dealing with the baggage of their political histories even before their 2016 campaigns officially begin.
For the former secretary of state, the new scrutiny of Clinton Foundation donors — especially foreign governments and wealthy non-U.S. citizens — is bringing back memories of Whitewater and the selling of the White House Lincoln Bedroom to political patrons.
Revelations about the Clinton Foundation’s donor list caused The New York Times to editorialize that someone needed “to reinstate the foundation’s ban against foreign contributors, who might have matters of concern to bring before a future Clinton administration.”
Jeb Bush’s baggage is comprised of the decisions made by his father and his older brother during their years in the White House, particularly President George W. Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq.http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/233402-hillary-clinton-jeb-bush-and-the-problem-with-baggage
Tainted goods.
A certain amount of what you guys are saying is True,..............B U T,............your GOP boys aren't saying the right things to win a general election, and you G D....know it.
I'll give you an example. I for one, think Scott Walker has a good chance to win the GOP primary,....BUT his stances are 'out of touch' with 50.000000000000000001 % of the POTUS voters.
His claim to fame is busting teachers unions contracts.
H   E   L   L   O,..........the vast majority of teachers are (yup, you guessed it)  W  O  M  E  N.   The GOP has a female problem.
He's anti same sex marriage(An issue I don't really lose any sleep over).  It's great in Utah if S W is A-G-M, BUT it's a political suicide in places that he.........(would) Have to win. In other words in trying to turn a blue state red, or even purple.  (My lil' ol' NH is a perfect example)   SHIIT, I'm not worried if an ASSS-HOLE like Mike HUCKLEBERRY wins the GOP Primary, or another ASSS-Hole like Rick Perry, because beating them would be like shooting fish-in-a-barrel !  Until the GOP can put up a Jon Huntsman type Replug, (Strong fiscal, moderate social) the only way you clowns will only get into '1600 is on an official TOUR !
I didn't start cheering on the TEA POTTY, or FAUX News, or the F'd - up christian conservatives just-for-the-helll-of-it. I did so because I knew they'd keep you morons out of '1600 for a Looooooooooog.........Looooooooooooog..........Time !
Remember what ol'  FOREST GUMP always said,..................." STUPID is as STUPID does ", and for some unknown reason, you gents ....JUST DON'T get IT,................or,.......JUST DON'T want To !!
Now ANYONE,..........tell me I'm wrong, and exactly where I'm wrong !
Waiting ! 

Here's a news flash for you, Bears... The primaries are still 11 months away. You might want to keep some powder dry.
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E , freshen my memory wasn't Hill as he calls her a stone cold lock to win in '08?
how did that work out?
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cltrat said:
E , freshen my memory wasn't Hill as he calls her a stone cold lock to win in '08?
how did that work out?
ALL the more reason to be concerned in '16.
Joe B.  'could' run, but everyone in the   D  party...knows that JB  could be a higher risk in the General.
The 'Wild card' is... ' Lizbeth, but for now she says shes not  gonna' run.
But lets get to the REAL issue/problem.  The Whacked out GOP.  All I ever hear from  EVERYONE of my fellow (R) members here on the 'cooler, is how the  D's are going to ultimately put the GOP into '1600.
For example.  My VERY dear pal....dell....prognosticated a while back that Elizabeth Warren was going to run in the primaries and therefore beat 'HILL, then ultimately lose to the  ' R ' .  And I understand dells reasoning.
B U T..............N E V E R...........do  I ...E V E R hear that   xxxxx...xxxxxxxx  is going to clean the clock of Anyone the D's put up.
And WHY ?
Because you REPLUGS  got  N O    O N E  thats got 'the juice' to pull it off. (Unlike MITTens who came somewhat close)
(Uncle) Herman 6969 CAIN...anyone  ???
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  !
She got more money in her foundation from foreign contributors. Going to be an issue for someone buying the presidency.
Demands she return 'millions'.........that'll be the ticket.
Johnny Chung running her campaign?
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Bears, it's a simple answer: the D's have dug a much bigger hole than the R's did by the time the 2008 elections hit.

Every week between now and April 15, you're going to hear horror story after horror story about someone who thought they were getting an Obamacare subsidy, and now they owe hundreds or thousands because they didn't read the fine print, or they wound up earning too much to qualify for the subsidy.

We've seen what a disaster the foreign policy decisions of the Clinton-led State Department have led to, and how inept John Kerry's leadership has been. In the darkest days of the Bush era, you didn't see dozens of Egyptian Christians being beheaded in a mass slaughter, or a captured pilot being lit on fire.

Home ownership? Even today, it's still "only" at 1994 levels.

Food stamps? Somewhere between 30% to 45% more people are on food stamps today than when Obama took office.

I'm sure someone can trot out statistics showing that the economy is doing better, but for the average American, it's still treading water. Job growth hasn't kept up with population growth. Long term unemployment is still huge, and the number of people under-employed or who have simply given up looking is equally huge.

You can try and count on the increase of food stamp recipients as a good thing -- surely, they'll all vote D to stay on welfare, right?

Wrong. Maybe a few think easy street is better, but I'd bet most would rather have a decent job and be self-sustaining.

The biggest thing standing in the way of the D's right now is the national debt.

When Bush took office in 2001, the national debt was around 5.7T -- when Obama took office, it was 10.6T.

Bush deserves blame for raising the debt by ~$5T, but Obama, Reid and Pelosi almost doubled it to $18T and climbing.

Obama and the Democrats will have effectively doubled the National Debt over eight years. That's something the Democrats can't blame on Bush or the GOP.

There's no way to spin the national debt on just war. If Bush was able to fight two wars for seven years on an increase of $5T, you can't explain away how Obama wound both of those down and still managed to spend twice as much money.

I don't expect Paul Ryan to be a candidate, but I do expect we will start hearing a lot more of him in the next ten months.

And every time those type of stats come out, it's going to continue to undercut any appetite in the middle class for keeping the Dems in control.

So who do the R's run? I'm far less concerned about "who" right now because in a side by side, it's not quite as drastic of a choice as you'd have with an extreme leftist like Warren or Clinton, and someone like Jim Webb or Blundering Joe Biden.

I've got my early money on Christie or Walker, with Paul in third. Rand Paul has a tough choice if he's unable to simultaneously run for Senate *and* President under Kentucky state law. I suspect Marco Rubio may also bow out early because of the pressure to keep the Senate seat. Either one would be free run in 2020 and not face that issue, and both are young enough that 2024 may not be that long of a wait.
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Notice even on here many complaining of the middle class getting screwed.....
Mr Transparency and his help for the middle class with record taxes collected?
Who's paying for that?
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I hope my good friend dell is keeping track of all your boasting so we can rehash them when you disappear for a few months next Nov
Next November is still a year away from the elaection. Until then you get to snivel about Obama.

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