Snow Day


Feb 19, 2004
This type of scenario is what happens when planes are scheduled for the maximum amount of flight time with the minimum amount of crews and logistical support and are booked so aggresively that the loads are all at or near 100%. Most importantly, it is not limited to B6, but effects all airlines running as near 100% efficency as they can get every day. So when something bad happens, it has profound consequences across the board.

It would be interesting to see what lessons B6 learned from this unfortunate set of circumstances.


Aug 20, 2002
Maybe not, but you may end up on the No-Fly list!!!

True, but I don't think it would last for very long. The first person to do this is going to be a cult hero with the masses, and probably a few congresscritters. I would expect, however, that every airline under the sun would find a way to refuse transit.

On the subject of deplaning when no gate is available, it's too bad that few aircraft have self contained airstairs anymore. (727, DC-9/MD-80). It would make it easier.

In this case, I really don't know that it would have mattered. B6 seems to have had a brain implosion in the snow.


Dec 7, 2004
So I missed the "e" and I get an English lesson. I don't think you got it though. If the pilots had no gate to retun to, then they had no gate to return to.
Funny you bring up Gen. Patton. If the GI had no ammo,no food, would the Gen. raise hell with that GI or find the Supply Officer? Hum?
I happen to live one town over from where the Gen.'s family still lives. Played hockey on the same team with one of the his grandsons.
Since you seem to be a fan of the Gen., I'll leave you with this. Before the war, he had a Yacht commissioned.
"Yacht" n., from the Dutch word "jaght" short for "jachtschip." It was a "Yawl",n.,fore and aft rigged sailboat with a mainsale, at least one jib, and a mizzenmast aft of the helm.
He named it the "When And If."
Beeing a fan of the Gen., I'm sure you can tell us what was behind that name.
Very insightful, thank you.

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