Star Alliance In Trouble If UAL Files Bankruptcy


Aug 31, 2002
[BR][STRONG][FONT face=Arial size=5]United they fly, divided they fall - or is it hot air?[/FONT][/STRONG] [BR][BR][FONT face=arial,helvetica,sans-serif size=3]The troubled airline is looking to its Star partners to bail it out. How they respond is a crucial test for the alliance concept[/FONT] [BR][BR][STRONG][FONT face=Arial]Joanna Walters in Rio[BR]Sunday November 24, 2002[BR][/FONT][/STRONG][A href=][STRONG][FONT face=Arial]The Observer[/FONT][/STRONG][/A][FONT face=Arial] [BR][BR][/FONT][FONT face=Geneva,Arial,sans-serif size=2]Last week 15 airline chief executives, all male, middle-aged, dark-suited and booted, met behind closed doors in Rio to discuss bankruptcy, bail-outs and brotherhood.[BR][BR][A href=,6903,846079,00.html],6903,846079,00.html[/A][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][/FONT]
I howled in laughter when I read this in the article:

United's new chief executive Glenn Tilton flew into Rio to see his fellow alliance bosses with a begging bowl so huge it must surely have gone as excess baggage.

Personally I thought the article went overboard in its analysis. UAL will probably file C-11, but I don't see them disappearing any time soon.
Is there any reason to have a seperate board for us and ual now? If some one is interested in ual and there coming and goings we can go there! Its hard enough sifting thru our crap as is it lol !