Step Back and Look at the Facts


Aug 20, 2002
On 4/18/2003 4:25:51 PM AAONO wrote:

I am asking the government to look at the entire scenario, I agree, the TWU is as guilty as AMR. Need to get someone outside the "circle" to listen.

Good Luck and keep up the relentless pressure.

Take a look at your own union''s actions and quit blaming only the corporate executives.

You will come alot closer to forcing another vote by challenging the illegal actions of the TWU by violating the By-Laws than you will attempting to use Congress for assistance.
I would suggest asking the government to step in. I wrote my Senator this email, feel free to copy it and send it to yours.
I am an aircraft maintenance technician with American Airlines. As you know, we were asked by management to take deep concessions on both our pay and benefits in order to help our airline stay out of bankruptcy. I am also sure that you are aware of the new found information about the senior AMR management getting the promise of "retention bonuses", as well as securing their pensions beyond the $200,000 that was already guaranteed. I feel that AMR management did not bargain in good faith, did not disclose all the financial information they knew about their future pay, and were just plain liars. I feel what AMR management did was illegal. I believe that our vote of contract ratification should be thrown out. I am curious what your view is on the situation, and if there is any action the government can take in this. I do not believe the workers of American Airlines deserve this kind of treatment and hope that my government can assist in any way. Thank you for your time and for your continued public service.

Why are we upset that management lied or deceived us? We all belong to Unions because the corporate executives are known to line their pockets at our expense and lie,cheat,steal, or whatever it takes to make a profit. The union is suppose to be the balance, not the advocator!

I am more shocked by the reaction of the union members than the actitivty itself!

What the hell do you think we are all paying union dues for to begin with? To protect OUR interest at the bargaining table, that's why!

The TWU knowingly violated their own Constitution and By-Laws to comply with the AA Management demand for the deadline of April 14th. Had the TWU given each of us the FINAL LANGUAGE for 30 days before voting as required by the AA TWU Presidents Council By-Laws, we would not have even gotten our ballots yet and we would be well informed about the SERP.

I am not defending the withheld important data, I am simply pointing out that because the TWU saw fit to assist the company in the timeline demand instead of granting the membership/leadership agreement called the By-Laws, we are now faced with the same destructive outcome that they claim to have prevented.

I think this is another SHAM by the Union/Management bedwetters. The Unions were taking heat for their sellout and now the company has returned the favor by deflecting the attention away from the ongoing lovefest.

Jim Little's claim that he will not sign even if it forces Bankruptcy is the telling proof of the scam. He used FEAR of job loss, outsource of work, pension reduction, worse concessions to sell this package of crap for 6 years. And now nothing has changed in that arena but the company lied and he expects us to believe he will now pull the trigger on the gun he held to our heads? Yeah, right!

All union members should remain focused on the problem! Your union failed to protect your interest at the bargaining table and you have been damaged by that failure. It is easy for them generate a pounding drum against management to deflect your attention away form their dastardly deeds.

Fact is management preformed exactly as expected and our union failed to keep the balance.

Who's fault is that and what should be done about it?
I am asking the government to look at the entire scenario, I agree, the TWU is as guilty as AMR. Need to get someone outside the "circle" to listen.
Well I''d be willing to bet the ink is already dry......."Don said he was sorry!"