Texas Pacific tells unions of interest in UAL-WSJ


Oct 31, 2002
You can bet its to the best interest of TPG to pit the unions against Tilton, thereby further elminating any chance of the plan's success and greatly increasing TPG's leverage. There is a reason they call these guys "vulture capitalists".

In the end, both require significant labor cost reductions.


Aug 21, 2002
I don't know, sure TPG was a key player in the CAL turnaround.

BUT let's try to keep in mind they are not in it for the love of aviation or their love of UAL. They are in it for the money.

Bonderman in NO fool, he had an opportunity to get involved with U and backed off on the price. Take a close look at his recent dealing with Diagio for Burger King. If he doesn't get it for the price he wants and the concessions he wants. He walks away.

Speaking of Burger King, the former CEO, Dasburg is still on the TPG payrole. Sure would be nice to have someone who knows the exact cost and workings of UAL biggest Pacific competitor.

The problem is the CEO, Bonderman has the money but he is not interested in the day 2 day. Without a Bethune type it's going to be tough.