The New Low-fare Hurdle


Nov 9, 2003
The New Low-Fare Hurdle

Low Cost Carriers - LCCs - are the latest trendy buzz in the media. And possibly the most mis-reported, too.


This is a great article. I'd love to show it to all of those non-industry people who say stuff like "Southwest is the way to go, they're so cheap. I wonder when they'll start service to Moline" and "JetBlue is great because they have TV. USAir is terrible, they lost my bag in 1982 and one time I didnt get a meal going to Charleston. JetBlue is cheaper too. You should work for them. My cousin is going to Italy this summer, do they fly there? No? Can you give me a buddy pass?" :rolleyes:
Boyd is never at a loss for a good sound bite. He's also usually right. The "Hot Flash" columns should be required reading for all of us in the industry as well as the media.

P.S. Light Years--
Everytime I see that avatar, "You make me feel like dancing" pops into me head!