The TRUTH! - Capacity not Cost The Problem.

Bob Owens

Sep 9, 2002
What most say they will do and actually do are two different things.
Drive a couple of miles to save .03/gallon of gas? Does that make sense? How much are you buying? How long does it take and how much gas do you use driving there and waiting on line? How much is your time worth? If you buy 15 gallons you only lay out 45 cents less. Driving there and back you would have used around 28(4 miles @ $2.00/gal) cents plus at least 5 minutes of your time. That has to be worth at least anther $1.50(5 min @ $20/hr), plus the mileage wear and tear figure another 20(4 miles @ 5cts/mile) cents. So it cost you $1.98 to save 45 cents. In other words you lost $1.53. (The Govt allows $.365/ mile deduction)You are in management arent you?
I know people who will not fly SWA because they do not have assigned seating. I know people that request the Emergency exit row for extra leg room. If we charge $20 more to go to Boston as opposed to Providence and the traveller wants to go to Boston does it make sense to go to PVD and in theory save $20?

Who paid thier employees more Pergaments or Home Depot? Its all about management.