Aug 20, 2002

I SWEAR, Boys and Girls, that there is NOTHING BETTER than GOOD Ol' Republican/Conservative FAMILY VALUES.
For Example.
Here We Have the 'Kid', Falwell Jr. Praying About " Visual ADULTERY ".
Now I ask you Insp69, W - T - F is visual adultery ?????????????

Anyone think that the Ol' Man, Falwell Sr. is ' Rolling -over ' in his grave ?????

Hey Dog'.
Lets see who, on this board, in the M Majority jumps-up First with an " OPINION" !!!!!!

(I wonder what these Religious HYPOCRIT'S , Tony Perkins/Ralph Reed/ FOCUS on The FAMILY, are sayin') ( Probably 'trying to spin it' on Joe Biden)
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Hey Bears, I don't like hipocrites either. I'm glad he's finished leading that university. Remember this, there are bad preachers but not all preachers are bad, there are bad cops but not all cops are bad. You see where I'm going with this?
Understand perfectly. Preachers and cops should get the benefit of doubt when their brethren act badly. No disagreement there. People of color getting the same benefit is not the same thing.
SEE Dog'.

I put up a thread about Falwell jr., 'snapping his carrot', and the (short arm) Insp69, has no comment !!
When you put out comments like that, it just shows the world what an ignorant a$$ hole you are!...... I don't, or won't, respond to crap like that!....

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