Trump Administration calls for ATC to be spun off from FAA by 2021

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The argument that only the people who use a service should have to pay for the service is facetious. There are any number of things that are for the common good, and therefore the cost should be shared in common. Like the woman's rebuttal to the congressman who said that men should not have to pay for services that only women use--like mammograms. Does that mean I shouldn't have to pay for roads I don't drive on? or, Fire Departments if I don't use their services (i.e. my house is not on fire?), or police departments, and so on and so forth.
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You two are the cutest....

I agree with the common good argument; especially when it comes to things like infrastructure.
Privatization of the FAA reminds me of ENRON and Uncle Bernie.
The Privatization of KommieFornia penal system has been/is a travesty.
The belief that an 'unfettered' free market system is a fallacy that is apparently being repeated because the Merican peple (it is not a misspelling) trust these robber barons and don't know the history of how we get screwed.
Just watch.
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