TRUMP, ...... HBO/AXIOS Interview.

Aug 20, 2002
Trump granted an Interview to ' HBO/AXIOS ' .

The Interviewer asks the M O R O N " You've got 155,000 people DEAD, and the numbers are skyrocketing towards 200,000 " !!

The M O R O N replies, " IT is What it IS " !

He then Fumbles with a half dozen 8' x 10' graphs, shuffling them like a deck of cards, trying to bull-chit the aggressive interviewer, as he looks :confused: :confused: at these pieces of paper, like a 1st grader looking at ultra complex NASA charts.

AH, I tell you folks, you cannot beat COMPETENCY and LEADERSHIP during the dawning stages and beyond of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC !!
Where's their 45 minute interview of Biden? Can't wait to see the questions he gets.
They should just stop asking Trump questions about 155,000 (And counting) dead Americans. Those dead people are what they are.
Are you inferring that JB will only be given 'softball' questions ??

Seems that way in the few "press conferences" where the reporters were pre-approved and he apparently had answers already written out. Then he mistakenly called on the Fox reporter, and suddenly the conference was over.

He's refusing to do a sit-down with Chris Wallace, arguably one of the best interviewers and moderators around. Why is that?
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