Trump to 'RUDY',....." You're Not HIRED " !

Aug 20, 2002

Trump tells Giuliani,.... " N (F) W you're getting the SECRETARY of STATE job " !!

Trump is no Fool, I mean, Dear GOD in Heaven, Who in their right mind would be responsible for sending that A-Hole to REPRESENT the USA, (looking like he does, with the Face of a Human ANUS w/glasses) to very organized countries like (say) Switzerland or Norway or Sweden or Germany or Australia or New Zealand, to meet their Dignitary's ???

He'd be 'over there' flappng his BUCKY BEAVER jaws, then have his False Teeth come 'flying out' on stage !

They'd have all they could do, to keep a straight face !
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Or... maybe Rudy was smart enough to sit out the first round of confirmation hearings, and be named special prosecutor into the Clinton Foundation?

Face it Bears, you're jealous. Rudy's been mayor of NYC, and accomplished far more than any of us here. He has nothing left to prove. He'll serve if asked.

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