Trump's Spiritual Advisor Warns of 'Consequences'


Dec 28, 2009
SanFranFreako, KommieFornia
Trump's Spiritual Advisor Warns of 'Consequences'

‘s spiritual advisor is asking her followers to send donations of up to one month’s salary money to her church as a “first fruits” offering for the new year — and warns of “consequences” from God if they don’t.
Perhaps she should have admonished the super-rich and the corporations to send her their massive tax cuts. That would have raised a lot more money that asking middle class folk to send a month's salary.
Clearly the concept of tithing is lost on some people.

Many consider 10% as the defacto standard. She uses "first fruits" as the term, Dave Ramsey and others use first dollar. It all works out to the same principle that tithing shouldn't be done as an afterthought, but the first thing you do.

If you don't trust the church you attend with that 10%, then it's time to find a new church.
Well, only people from a S___hole church would not cough up their first fruits. Oh, and thank you, Eolesen for explaining that what she said was not what she meant. The Republicans and their followers seem to need a lot of help in that department these days.
Nah, what she meant and what she said are close to the same thing when you get down to it.

You seem to be getting caught up in the negative spin from McPaper. Read what she actually wrote, and let me know where the word "consequences" or "struggle" were used.... I didn't see it, but you seem to have more time on your hands for nit-picking...
Here Obammys spiritual advisor, sat listening to this hate for 20 years.
No wonder he hates America....
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