Tug accident with history of problems is in the spotlight at American Airlines


Apr 26, 2005
Sadly, an accident at AA with a tug and employee. Very fishy how all the investigative groups found this incident to be an accident, and ruled it as such, and the co's investigator found it to be suicide by the employee. WTF!!? This reeks of foul play by the co to get out from under the responsibility of the tug not getting repaired properly and/or not even getting looked at as they can not find any records since first being reported. AA's investigator is trying to avoid the blame game by throwing the suicide option out there to try and avoid the lawsuit coming from employee's family and loved ones. This just makes me sick to see and hear the co go this route so soon in the investigation. If I were the employees family attorney I would double if not triple the amount just for the co's antics and so obvious gamesmanship of trying to throw off the investigation. Also shows this co is all about themselves and doesn't care about the employees.

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Indeed Kev., I have a feeling he was put in place to divert any attention away from AA being at fault in any way shape or form. AA is responsible for maintaining the equipment rather renting or owning, it all falls back onto the operator. I am also assuming he was trying to deter any future lawsuits from family of employee who sadly passed from injuries. He was the only investigator who came up with suicide out of approx 3-5 others who also investigated this issue, including osha, who investigates all accidents in the work place when death is involved.