U.S. Helicopter


Nov 28, 2006
An excerpt from delta's newsroom.....

We now have the only chopper service between Manhattan, JFK
May 10, 2007

Customers traveling to or from our New York-JFK hub now can enjoy the only eight-minute airport shuttle, through our new partnership with U.S. Helicopter Corporation. Starting Monday, our customers will have exclusive access to frequent helicopter service that operates between two New York heliports and Gate 11 at JFK Terminal 3.

"More than anywhere else, in New York time matters," said Jim Whitehurst, chief operating officer. "Our enhancements for customers at JFK continue, and U.S. Helicopter’s airport shuttle service is another way we're making travel easier."

Our on-the-go travelers will enjoy unrivaled benefits from U.S. Helicopter service, including eight-minute travel time between New York heliports in Midtown, Manhattan and JFK; federally regulated TSA security clearance at the heliports before arriving at JFK for departing flights; convenient check-in and boarding passes to final destinations for domestic and international travelers departing from and arriving in Manhattan; and baggage check to final destination for passengers traveling to and from Manhattan.

U.S. Helicopter will operate 27 daily flights, Monday through Friday, between the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, near Wall Street, the Atlantic Metroport at East 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan and our Terminal 3, Gate 11 at JFK. Additional service is available between Manhattan and Bridgeport, Conn. :up: :up: