UA filing to void union contracts


Aug 20, 2002
Interesting. If agreement is not reached with all union groups by Dec. 26, UA is filing with BK judge to void all union contracts.
Can''t belive US hasn''t brought this out from their arsenal yet for our union groups?
And didn''t any of these people making these decisions grow up and like the Christmas season?

Mike W

Dec 9, 2002
It WAS brought out back in August.When the company gave us their last proposal the day they filed bankruptcy, we were told if the membership rejected the proposal,the company would go to the bankruptcy judge and ask to have the contracts voided.Needless to say,all of the groups ratified their proposals.It's not likely that they could go back and try it again as the agreements stated that they would not go back to court and ask for more.Thus the threat to liquidate.You can be sure if they thought they could have pulled it off they would have done it by now.